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27 mei 2023 om 18:46 They fixed a mistake on my part and delivered the food again. Perfect service and perfect calzone, it was awesome. Thanks!
25 mei 2023 om 15:11 The best pizza (four cheeses and thin crust) I have had in a while!
25 mei 2023 om 15:01 In my order I said specifically no (American) salami in/on the pizza. It was delivered with the ingredient I did not want in my food. I had to throw the pizza away…. Although the delivery time was perfect I couldn’t have my food.
23 mei 2023 om 20:44 Heerlijke Pizza!
22 mei 2023 om 23:11 Heerlijke pizza's!
22 mei 2023 om 21:06 Lekker
22 mei 2023 om 1:54 Super snel